How NOT To Lose Your Keys

Do you often lose your keys? Whether it’s the key to your house, car, safety deposit box, or office – you aren’t alone. As a locksmith springfield mo, I talk to people that lose their keys all the time. Let’s talk about how NOT to let it happen again (if possible).

hanging keys


How NOT To Lose Your Keys

Create a routine.

Is your life built around a routine? If not, a routine might help you to not lose stuff or forget things. Put your keys in the same place when you arrive at home or the office. This will lessen the change that you forget where you’ve put them.

Stick your keys to something important.

Do you never forget where your phone is? Or maybe your wallet? Find a phone case or wallet that can accommodate your keys.

Consider the use of a key tracking device.

For the truly desperate (and frustrated!), you might consider the use of a key tracking system. The technology exists. Here’s an example.

This technology can keep you from having to purchase replacement car keys springfield mo. I think we can all get behind that.

Are you someone that doesn’t commonly lose their keys? I wouldn’t write these tips off so quickly. It can happen to even the most organized among us. Just remember: if you do lose your keys and you aren’t sure what to do, consider calling a¬†mobile locksmith springfield mo. They can usually get to you pretty quickly. And as we all know, time is of the essence when you’ve lost your keys!